Рейтинг популярности Тимур Юнусов (Тимати) (Timur Yunusov (Timati)) — Рейтинг популярности знаменитых людей

Автор: | 29.11.2010

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Тимур Ильдарович Юнусов (известен под псевдонимом Ти́мати) — российский хип-хоп/R’n’B артист и предприниматель, выпускник «Фабрики звёзд-4».

Бывший участник московской тусы под названием VIP77 и хип-хоп группы Банда.

Timati is the stage name of Russian rapper, Rap-singer, and actor Timur Ildarovich Yunusov (Russian: Тимати), also referred as Mr. Black Star.


Early life

Timur Ildarovich Yunusov was born on August 15, 1982 in Moscow, Soviet Union to an ethnically mixed family of Tatar father Ildar Yunusov and Jewish mother Simona Yunusova (née Chervomorskaya), he also had a younger brother, Artyom. His current stage name «Timati» has stuck with him since he was young. Yunusov lived in Los Angeles for 5 years, and now he lives in Moscow. At the urgent request of his grandfather, composer and conductor Yakov Chervomorsk, Timur has graduated from a violin class at the four-year music school. State University — Higher School of Economics, but dropped out in his third year. He later became associated with the YPS squad. First single came out with Konaldo.


He became well known to the Russian community from the music reality show Star Factory 4, but before it he collaborated with Detsl. Member of the group Banda (Russian: Банда; lit. «Gang») and co-founder of VIP77. Ex-owned B-Club nightclub, the bar Black October and the stores Ё-Life. Also is the CEO of his own label called «Black Star Inc». In 2006, was featured in Heat produced by Fyodor Bondarchuk. In 2008, Timati was featured in a Fat Joe song called «Put U Take It», also featuring Nox and Raul, produced by Scott Storch, which references Jacob Arabo. In 2008 Mario Winans featured Timati in the single «Forever». Timati, in 2009, featured Snoop Dogg in the single «Groove On».

Michael ‘Mike’ David is currently Timati’s UK producer. Responsible for the collaboration of Timati with foreign artists, such as Snoop Dogg and Mario Winans, he is responsible for much of Timati’s Western popularity.