Рейтинг популярности Орландо Блум (Orlando Bloom) — Рейтинг популярности знаменитых людей

Автор: | 23.12.2010

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Родился Орландо Блум в городе Кентербери, Англия, 13 января 1977 года. Не дожив до пятого дня рождения своего сына, умирает отец актера Гарри Блум. Все заботы по воспитанию Орландо и его старшей сестры Саманты, ложатся на плечи матери, которая с детства привила детям любовь к искусству.

On January 13, 1977 in Cantebury, Kent, England (about an hour south of London), Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom was introduced into the world. Little did people know, he would grow to be one of the most well-known actors in a couple of decades.

As a child, Orlando had a nice childhood: good friends, good family, and a nice upbringing. «I grew up in a big house with lots of land around it, so we used to play in the garden.» Orlando also has an older sister, Samantha, who is four years older than him. Like most siblings on the planet, these two fought a lot as kids. «We’re just starting to get along a lot better now that we’re older. She did get me into clothes at a young age, though. She used to dress me and she’d get stuff from thrift shops. I had loafers and cowboy boots and cowboy shirts and, like, preppie-like check shirts.» Orlando’s mother, Sonia, ran a language school. She also helped Orlando with his performance abilities by entering him in Bible-reading and poetry-reciting competitions. His father, Harry, was an anti-apartheid activist in South Africa. Harry died when Orlando was four: «Harry was a great man and it was as if he’d done his job, then left the world.» Recent press articles have stated that when Orlando was 13, his mother told him that Colin Stone, Orlando’s guardian, was his biological father.