Рейтинг популярности Кейт Мосс (Kate Moss) — Рейтинг популярности знаменитых людей

Автор: | 29.11.2010

Born: January 16, 1974

Known for her waifish figure, Kate Moss ushered in what would come to be known as the era of «heroin chic» with her rise to popularity in the early ’90s. Despite the controversy, Moss’ stardom grew throughout the decade and into the next, making her one of the profession’s highest-paid personalities. Over the years, Moss has also gained status as a tabloid celebrity, weathering controversy over her weight, bouts with drug abuse, and tumultuous relationships, most notably with actor Johnny_Depp and rocker Pete_Doherty, the latter of whom she became engaged to in 2007. Moss had a daughter, Lila Grace Moss, on September 29, 2002, with movie editor Jefferson Hack. Matthew Tobey, Rovi